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     AutoCon is an engineering firm that supplies a wide range of consulting and outsourcing services. Specializing in PC-based automated systems, AutoCon can retrofit existing equipment or deliver new designs and turnkey systems. System performance is assured through a set of specifications developed jointly by the customer and AutoCon. The wide range of industrial software and hardware available today for the IBM-compatible personal computer will often present a number of solutions to an automation problem and better permit the user to customize the system to his needs and likes. The use of PC-based control systems is typically lower in costs than other alternatives, has high customer appeal due to its familiarity, and can be easily integrated within existing MIS departments and networks.

     AutoCon can help consult with custom system setups to help in testing and automation with a wide variety of hardware. We can write custom software to fit many different and unique set-ups ranging from data acquisition to automated test systems or control. Please visit National Instruments for a list of hardware to fit your custom needs.

AutoCon, Inc.

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AutoCon, Inc is a member of the
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